Powerful Drug-Free Wearable Back Pain Relief
How to Live Pain-Free and Reclaim Your Active Life When It’s Even Painful to Walk, Sit or Sleep
The New Micro-Current Therapy that  Quickly, Simply, Easily and Effectively Relieves Pain at the Source When Harmful Drugs and Expensive Specialist Treatments Fail. 
Why Micro-Current
Pain Ease Wrap delivers similar electrical current to your body's natural electrical currents that stimulates the regeneration of damaged tissues at the cellular level so you can heal the cause of your pain, right at the source, rather than masks the pain like painkillers.
Pain Ease Wrap produces microampere below your sensory threshold, 1,000 times weaker than TENS range, and relieves your back pain without the typical unpleasant, pulsating, stinging irritation and intensive shock-like sensations of other devices.
Pain Ease Wrap decreases the resistance in the pain area and increases the nutrition supply to pain area allowing your injured cells not only to repair themselves but also to prevent reoccurring acute pain and sometimes even chronic pain.
Pain Ease Wrap has a built-In electrode hidden in fabric without pads, gels, complicated controller or clunky wires so you can simply and easily wear it and switch it on in just a few seconds.
The lightweight Pain Ease Wrap worn beneath your cloths lets you relieve your pain as long as you like, wherever you like - on a long drive, at work…or even at social occasions.
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